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When DRUMMING is present in a COMMUNITY it creates a unique bond. Through shared rhythms, we humans experience a subliminal, physical connection that transcends language. Here at Community Drums we believe that drumming is a daily event - like eating, sleeping, walking and talking! Just a “drumming snack a day” can brighten up all that comes your way!

My drum of choice is the West African Djembe drum. I play it in a very mindful, meditational style with a more rock and roll feel. After all, that’s who I am! No matter what drum(s) you may have the technique I teach is very transferrable to any other drum. I.E : dumbeks, congas, frame drums, Native American drums, shakers, bells, and assorted noisemakers! Even drums that use sticks have similarities.

If it’s a meditational state your trying to achieve you want to use your mind as little as possible by having relaxed technique and a pleasing sound. In other words, no distractions!

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VIBRATION. This is one of the main elements when drumming for healing. There are better and best ways to produce the “voice” of a drum.

It takes a little time and focus - but what a payoff!
In this website you will find all the information you need to know on how to produce clear, distinct, notes on your djembe or any other drum. I have twenty-five years experience of teaching and playing and I can show you exactly how I make my notes.
No matter what kind of drumming you enjoy or what kind of drum you play - having relaxed, pleasant sounding notes is always better - for you and all around you….the world is listening.


Sample of 'Fanga' by Higher Ground Drum Ensemble

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